15th Jun2011

Alice Madness Twisted Tea Party

Alice Madness Twisted Tea Party

What was the brief?

The Alice Madness ‘Twisted Tea Party’ was a fully interruptive and surprising launch of EA™ Games’ highly anticipated new title Alice Madness Returns™. We were asked to provide a plan to engage the highly engaged gamers at the UK’s largest Rock Festival – Download Festival at Donnington Park.  The event, timed perfectly 8 weeks before launch and providing an overwhelming number of EA™’s core gaming audience, was the perfect audience to engage with and to drive ‘buzz’ per-launch.

How did we respond?

On the first official day of Download, our fabulous Circle brand ambassadors were dressed as characters from the game; the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself. These playful creatures were dispersed into the crowd of festival goers to distribute thousands of unique branded playing cards. These acted as the ‘golden ticket’ to gain access to the Twisted Tea Party – once you found someone with a matching card, the two of you were in!

Festival goers with matching cards joined the queue to be welcomed to the exclusive space behind the EA™ Hub, which was decorated as a spooky wonderland. Our game characters greeted people upon entering, danced on tables, played silly games and generally caused mayhem in the area where branded Alice Returns cup cakes and flavoured ice tea were being served. Tea party guests were then encouraged to visit the EA™ Hub on exit to trial the game first hand and receive an Alice Madness branded t-shirt.


The Alice Madness Returns™ activation reached thousands of people during the first day of Download Festival 2011. Within one hour of launching the playing card mechanic over 400 people had joined the queue in front of the EA™ Hub to wait for their chance to enter the Twisted Tea Party. 6447 festival visitors had a one to one demonstration of the game with one of our band ambassadors.   T-shirts were given away to the first 1000 people who to part in the campaign, many of which were worn throughout the weekend, providing additional brand awareness for the game throughout the festival site.  A further 6060 Facebook impressions were generated though checking at the Alice Madness Event.


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