15th Aug2011

A hop, skip and a jump into our brand new Production HQ

Circle prides itself immensely on its ability to provide its clients with a one stop shop for brand experience activation.  To do this well, we have invested heavily in our production facilities and our people.  With an ever growing client base, it became apparent that we needed to grow our facilities yet again.  To house all of the various campaign assets we hold for our clients, as well as our transport vehicles, our workshop, and of course a production office, we needed to move and quickly!

Thankfully, the move was not very far.  In fact, exiting our old facilities, turning left and casually jaunting 50 yards down the road, you stumble across our new shiny production HQ located in our home town of Reading; our new address is unit 46 and 47 Sutton Park Dr.

With the move official and paperwork signed, now came the hard part…D-Day. The 8thAugust 2011 saw the whole Circle team get stuck in to make the move happen.  Everyone pitched in, a true team effort in the usual Circle style.  After a great deal of hard, we think that we have found a home for everything.  A big shout out to our production team who worked tirelessly, while still remaining open for business and delivering the production of our client campaigns throughout the two week period. Now, that is multitasking.

With 11’000 sq.ft of space and a further secure outdoor compound of a further 4000 sq.ft, for vehicle storage, we now have all the tools we need to continue to produce some of the finest campaigns going.  With security that even Houdini himself couldn’t break (well we reckon anyway), including 24 hour CCTV, monitored alarm, ram raid barriers, electronic compound gates, secure cage for high worth items, smoke screen, key card entry system, fire sprinkler system and overnight security dog patrols- our clients can rest easy, that their kit is safe and secure with us.

Other features like our new workshop (which includes our own paint shop), pick and pack area and forklift truck, round out the new facilities.

Our updated online inventory tracking system which will further enhance our capabilities will launch in Summer 2012.

If you want to check us out, our production team are always happy to give tours (they are like proud papa bears), although their tea making skills are a little suspect! Or should we say nonexistent…they do always have a fine selection of biscuits to hand.

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