17th Sep2011

The Sims 3 2011

The Sims 3 2011

What was the brief?

The Sims™ does not stereotypically lend itself to experiential activity, the game is not an easy “pick up and play” and is also a very individual game, so we were tasked to create a Sims 3 brand experience that celebrates the world of The Sims™ in a way that entertains, educates and enthuses ‘Play with Life’.

We needed to encourage 1-2-1 demos, product tutorials and information exchange, while at the same time demonstrating the breadth and depth of play by offering different gaming routes into the product which are accessible by all skill levels

How did we respond?

A 28 day tour that saw our stand take in shopping centres and targeted venues over late 2010 – Summer 2011. As the tour grew more successful and popular it was extended into higher profile shopping centres and further again with activity taken place through a supporting external structure.

The stand was cleverly designed to provide clearly defined areas for our varying audiences, game types and activities as well as providing stand out in a cluttered environment. This was supported by a committed and consistent team of Brand Ambassadors who were Sims lovers themselves.

How did we do?

1,108,922 had the opportunity to engage with the experience and our average dwell time on the stand was 23 minutes.

Our cost per demo so a drastic decrease on previous Sims Tours.

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