17th Nov2011

Behind the Scenes at our ninth annual EA Play 4 Xmas Training

Over and above every one of EA™’s now extensive portfolio of experiential campaigns, the EA™ Play 4 Xmas Tour is still heralded as the crown jewel in our portfolio. The four tEAms from Birmingham, London, Manchester and Sheffield are the heart and soul of this campaign, working with dedication and enthusiasm for 28 live days to ensure the customer’s experience is nothing but exceptional. It is this high standard of service that our staff are known for that requires us to take our training very seriously…

On 17th November 2011 all 40 of our event managers and brand ambassadors travelled from their various hometowns across England to take part in two days of immersive brand and campaign training and of course a dose of good old fashioned competition.   Although many of our ambassadors have worked for us for many years (our longest has worked on all 9 campaigns), all are expected to renew their training with us on a regular basis and of course assist in passing on their experience to newer members of the team.

The four teams take part in a friendly but highly spirited competition to be crowned tEAm of the Year. This year was no different and the competitiveness and banter started from the moment everyone arrived. Kath even received bribes in the form of chocolates for extra points!

Day one, is a full on day.  After registration, we began with a welcome address from Claire and our client Penny, introducing the tours heritage, running through the campaign objectives and an overview of the campaign mechanics they will be working with.

Given the importance of this campaign to EA’s Christmas sales period, all of the product managers at EA, give their time to attend the training personally and present their titles to our BA’s.  Providing as much information as they can about the new releases and providing an essential walk through of the game play.  To ensure a link back to the overarching competition, each PM ends their session by asking 4 product related questions, which are answered in groups and points awarded.  Ensuring that our staff remain engaged throughout.  On the spot prizes add a little more encouragement throughout.

Following each session, BA’s are given the opportunity to gets hand on with the games at one of 40 gaming stations that are set out for them to play.

Over dinner that evening (accompanied with beer and wine of course) we played mini games to help build team morale.   Claire and Jonny (our longest serving Circle Brand Ambassador) debated over how many years the tour has been live… was it 9 or 10 years…. not surprisingly, Claire won!

Day 2 focuses more on campaign mechanics, health and safety, measurement, reporting and a more general level of campaign training.

So, it was close, but this year’s winner of the EA Play 4 Xmas training academy was Birmingham’s Team Bullring.  But the completion just hot’s up from here, as we begin the 9th annual EA Play 4 Xmas Tour next week and everyone is definitely ready to make this year’s the best Xmas Tour yet.

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