17th Jan2012

EA Play4Xmas 2011

EA Play4Xmas 2011

What was the brief?

EA’s Play4Xmas Tour is an award-winning campaign which completed its 9th consecutive year of activation from 25th Nov to 22nd Dec 2011. The main objective of this tour is game trial, and we were tasked to deliver improved ROI and sales plus maintaining the standard set by this epic campaign

How did we respond?

Our answer was to go big in our 4 best practice shopping centres that deliver 1 million plus consumers, for a longer install period and up our gaming stations from 15 to 18 (per stand), and so providing the opportunity to deliver maximum demonstrations.

We had 4 distinct activation areas;

  1. Console game play where our experienced Brand Ambassadors offered 1-2-1 tutorials on EA titles
  2. Tournament stage supported by our charismatic emcee  allowed consumers to witness the full impact of our titles through vivid brand theatre and competitions
  3. EA’s photo mechanic (Get in the Game) that allowed consumers to pose inside their favourite game with complete Facebook integration

An interactive touch screen kiosk offered consumers a chance to get hands on with game content. Consumers were then encouraged to answer a feedback question – automatically updating their Facebook status and this entered them in our ‘surprise and delight mechanic’ to win prizes

How did we do?

Like many brands, EA find themselves stretching their budgets to achieve more with less, which dare we say this year, we did! During 112 live days and with 32 full time Brand Ambassadors we had the opportunity to engage with 8,696,451 and increased our 1-2-1 demo numbers by 5% on 2010 thus decreasing our cost per demo by 18% year on year.

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