18th Jan2012

We hit the shops with Blackberry

We hit the shops with Blackberry

What was the brief?

BlackBerry wanted to raise awareness of its devices and incentivise sales in Orange stores nationwide. As part of Circle’s ongoing relationship with Research in Motion and in particular, our regular provision of in store demonstration staff for them, we were tasked with managing a series of Active Selling Days to support Orange Stores Nationwide.  This particular campaign consisted of five regional teams, with three brand ambassadors in each unit.  The activity took place over 15 key retailing dates on December 2011 and January 2012.

How did we respond?

Having worked with BlackBerry as a partner for eight years, our staffing team have a large number of highly engaged and authentic BlackBerry brand advocates who regularly work for us in this capacity and were the obvious choice to represent our client as team leaders in this activity. Each team leader was then responsible for two further BA’s within their territory.

Although in this case, all but one of the regional reps had previously represented the BlackBerry brand, the team still went through extensive training to ensure both comprehensive product and brand knowledge, but to also familiarise them with the objectives and KPIs specific to this campaign.  The training was held in our new Training Centre and was conducted by a team of both Circle and client side representatives and trainers.

With training complete it was time to hit the stores having been briefed to expect us by Orange and BlackBerry, we followed up with each store manager 48 hours before our visit.  Ensuring that sales support had been delivered and they were expecting our team to be arriving as per our schedule.

Customers were already incentivised (as part of a wider above the line, incentive campaign) to  purchase a BlackBerry device on the Orange network, our role in store was to further educate customers on the benefits of BlackBerry ownership via direct one to one demonstration, and reiterate the offers available at that time.  In a busy and competitive retail landscape personalised sales support and clear communication of sales incentives is often enough to increase purchase intent.  Coupled with I store collateral support and a talented team of enthusiastic ambassadors and results were significant.

To further ensure success, our team and the store staff were in incentivised for each sale in the form of Love to Shop Vouchers.


This simple yet effective campaign was as has been our experience in this environment previously very successful.  Although, we cannot release specific results here, we can share that on average stores saw between a 300 and 500% increase on device sales in store vs. sales in store on a control comparison. For further information please contact us.

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