11th Jun2013

Event Magazine’s Women in Events campaign

One to one with our MD Claire Stokes

Event Magazine’s Women in Events campaign

We were pleased to hear this month that Event magazine has launched a brand new campaign – Women in Events.

The campaign aims to encourage women to shout louder about their achievements; to raise the profile of key female event professionals; and to offer advice and support to women at all levels of the industry. According to an article on their website the campaign was sparked by the surprisingly low percentage of women represented in the latest Event 100 Club.

Our MD Claire Stokes has always been a pioneer for women in the events industry, starting Circle Agency from scratch in 2004 when she landed fresh from Canada. Almost ten years of work have paid off with Claire coming 54 in the 2012 Event 100 – where women made up just a fifth of the list.

Event Magazine asked for an exclusive interview with Claire as part of the campaign, and she was happy to oblige! Here’s a few of our favourite parts:

Setting up your own agency is difficult, no matter what sex you are. But the challenge, in my experience, has been worthwhile. While there have been occasions when being a woman has influenced my career in both positive and negative ways, having the confidence to overcome those challenges is absolutely what sets apart those who should, and those who shouldn’t, take the plunge.”

“We have to have role models within the sector that can prove you can have it all – if you have the stamina and determination to go for it.”

“While not everyone has the benefit of working for a woman at the top of their organisation, we can share those stories and experiences. And let’s not just share the stories of those women who have climbed to the top of the ladder, let’s highlight the careers of other young women who are carving out their careers today.”

“Determination is the key. It doesn’t hurt to be just a little bit stubborn as well. But to be 100% sure that entrepreneurship is the right thing for you, you also have to be adaptable. Most importantly though, don’t do it for the money, do it for the love of what you do, and because you believe you can do it better.”

You can read the full story over on Event Magazine’s website.

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