02nd Oct2013

Peak of the Week

Things we’re loving this Wednesday, that help you slide towards the weekend

Peak of the Week

We’re loving lots of things this week, but this Wednesday Manchester City FC, a house full of beer and YouTube have won us over. Have a read to see why they’ve made our top three.

1). Manchester City FC goes international on Twitter

We’re big football fans here at Circle and the Premier League office debates are in full swing as we approach week seven. Of course the Circle team of choice is Manchester City FC and we love how on the ball they are with social media. Not only were they the first team to have a hashtag displaying #Together on their tour bus during their Premier League win in 2012 but now they are launching ten new Twitter accounts to increase interaction with fans around the world. It’s great to be working with such a social media savvy client.

Click here to read the full article over on The Wall.

2). Tui Brewery plumbs a guy’s house with beer

A great (but impractical!) idea which definitely made us laugh. As part of a new campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, the Tui Brewery re-plumbed one guy’s whole house so instead of water, beer was literally on tap. Watch the video to see how the joke went down.

3). YouTube raises its game with offline content

If you’re ever in doubt about a song, music video or want to watch that hilarious clip again you simply head for YouTube. But, there is nothing more annoying than sitting around waiting for it to buffer. Now YouTube have announced that offline watching will be available on its mobile apps. A big whoop is needed here for sure!

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