08th Apr2014

#FEEDYOURMUSCLES challenge goes live with Maxinutrition

Putting you through your paces

#FEEDYOURMUSCLES challenge goes live with Maxinutrition

Our fitness fabulous client Maximuscle has recently rebranded to MaxiNutrition, introducing four new ranges, and making its award-winning protein products available to everyone from elite athletes to recreational exercisers.

To illustrate the importance protein plays in active people’s lifestyles they’ve launched the fully integrated #FEEDYOURMUSCLES campaign, and we’ve been tasked with bringing it to life through a highly-targeted experiential tour.

Top of our priority list is to educate MaxiNutrition’s target consumers on the rebrand , and encourage trial of the new range: Recover + Rebuild, Mass + Size, Strength +Power and Lean Definition.

What better way to do this than by putting fitness fanatics through their paces with the #FEEDYOURMUSCLES Challenge at gyms, boxing gyms and grass roots rugby clubs across the UK. You can see all the latest dates over on MaxiNutrition’s campaign website.

So what’s the #FEEDYOURMUSCLES Challenge we hear you ask? Well, why try and put it into words when the very talented England Rugby team can show you themselves?

We love a bit of competition and are giving out on-the-spot prizes including MaxiNutrition branded backpacks, t-shirts, protein shakers and Maxinutrition samples.

Of course, the competition doesn’t stop there; we’re keeping track of all the score’s and posting videos of each activity over on YouTube. The Circle team have already got involved so if you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the fastest time in the #FEEDYOURMUSCLES Challenge then we’ll see you on tour soon!

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