28th Nov2014

We Think Inside the Box for H&M

The new Alexander Wang collection

We Think Inside the Box for H&M

We helped fashion giant H&M launch an intriguing new campaign, The Box of Wang, to promote its latest designer collaboration, Alexander Wang x H&M.

The new range marks the 10th anniversary of H&M’s guest designer collaborations, which began with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004.

Being a company of fashion lovers ourselves, we know that fashionistas are constantly on the hunt for the latest news and those in the know have been anticipating the Alexander Wang x H&M collection for months.

The Box of Wang rewarded this curiosity and gave those fans a closer sneak peek into the range ahead of the official worldwide launch on 6th November.

Circle Agency H&M Box of Wang activation (5 of 7)

Working in partnership with UM London, we designed and installed The Box of Wang –  a huge ‘living’ 5m x 5m cube, which appeared overnight in St Christopher’s Place, London, on Friday, 31 October. The mysterious black cube remained in situ for six nights, before disappearing on 5 November.

Circle Agency H&M Box of Wang activation (7 of 7)

One of the coolest installations we have ever made, it was constructed using black neoprene, a favourite material of the New York-based fashion designer, making it a physical incarnation of the collection itself. Each of the four sides encouraged passers-by to stop, interact and find out more.

Circle Agency H&M Box of Wang activation (4 of 7)

The box’s pièce de résistance was the tweet and reveal wall; when a passer-by tweeted the campaign hashtag #AWxHMreveal, a window lit up, revealing an item of clothing previously hidden behind one-way glass. This ingenious mechanic allowed the campaign to use Twitter to reach far into the digital realm; key to H&M’s brief to stir up excitement across the whole of the UK.

Circle Agency H&M Box of Wang activation (6 of 7)

The other three sides of the box featured a giant countdown clock, ticking down to the collection’s launch, a branded media photo wall that mimicked that of the New York press launch and a pliable, Alexander Wang x H&M-branded ‘living’ wall, which came alive with giant logos pushed against the neoprene from the inside.

Circle Agency H&M Box of Wang activation (3 of 7)

Back on Twitter, and each user that tweeted #AWxHMreveal received a personalised image or a video with new close-ups of the garments. Meaning of you weren’t there in person you didn’t have to miss out!

St Christopher’s Place was a new location for us and one we found after lots of research, It proved ideal – close to a flagship H&M store and opposite Selfridges, which was perfect for reaching this target group of fashion-conscious forward thinkers.

We wanted to stop people in their tracks – and the ever-changing, living installation certainly did that. A big thanks to H&M and UM London for one of our most exciting campaigns ever!

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