12th Dec2014

Making marvellous meals with Macsween

Circle shout Hooray! for Haggis

Making marvellous meals with Macsween

We’re proud to support our new client Macsween Haggis to pioneer the future of Scotland’s national dish, activating its #MealMakeover social media and experiential campaign.

The purpose of the new initiative is to encourage participants to think of Haggis as an everyday ingredient, as versatile as ground mince and very, very tasty.

Over 100 chilled #MealMakeover boxes are being hand-delivered by Circle-trained brand ambassadors to carefully-selected food bloggers, journalists, and influencers. They are filled with the ingredients to make traditional recipes with a twist – haggis nachos or haggis spaghetti.  Recipients are encouraged to share their culinary results across social media, increasing the campaign’s reach.

Macsween #MealMakeover activation by Circle Agency (1 of 1)

The campaign follows up our successful first activation in London’s Borough Market, where we helped extol haggis as a versatile ingredient for all seasons and occasions. Taking place in the lead up to St Andrew’s Day – Scotland’s official national day, a team of brand ambassadors provided samples of both traditional and vegetarian haggis. We distributed recipe booklets and gave recipe demonstrations that encouraged people to explore alternative ways to use haggis every day.

Circle Agency Macsween Haggis (3 of 4)

Borough Market was the perfect place to promote the versatility of haggis, targeting London’s food lovers with innovative new recipes, in line with the aspirations of the Macsween Haggis rebrand.

The accompanying Macsween #MealMakeover social competition encouraged visitors to get creative with the products they purchased and share photos via Facebook or Twitter of a meal they made using haggis. By using the hashtag they were automatically entered into a competition to win dinner for two at the classic British restaurant ‘Roast’, with five runners up earning luxury Macsweens hampers. The #MealMakeover hashtag allows us to curate the recipes that have been developed and crowdsourced from the public and gives online continuity to the entire campaign.

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