25th Nov2015

Peak of The Week

Things we’re loving this Wednesday, that help us slide towards the weekend.

Peak of The Week

Another Wednesday brings more great experiential inspiration. This week we focus on MINI’s virtual traffic light billboards, Jaguar’s test drive stunt and Kit-Kat’s biscuit dispensing bench.

MINI Virtual Billboard

MINI created impressive virtual billboards for its latest experiential campaign, which were position next to traffic lights in popular areas of Vienna, Austria. These billboards were synchronised perfectly with the adjacent set of lights, and each time the light changed colour, the MINI on the billboard changed colour from red to orange to green.


Jaguar Test Drive

Forget virtual reality, Jaguar called upon ‘actual reality’ in its latest experiential stunt, which saw the car giant invite consumers to experience a ride in its prestigious F-TYPE model. Participants thought they were stepping into a simulation; however the experience turned out to be more real than they thought. With the tagline “virtual is no match for reality. Book a test drive” Jaguar invited people to partake in the only experience worthy of its F-TYPE… an actual drive.

Kit-Kat’s Biscuit Dispensing Bench

Kit Kat positioned a series of interactive benches throughout Paraguay, which rewarded passers-by for taking a break. These benches resembled the appearance of a Kit Kat bar and contained a sensor which signalled the dispense of a free chocolate bar once someone had been sitting for at least 60 seconds.

screenshot-www.google.co.uk 2015-11-25 09-54-36

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