20th Jan2016

Peak of the Week

Things we’re loving this Wednesday, that help us slide towards the weekend.

Peak of the Week

This week we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great experiential activations. Here we focus on L’Oréal’s ‘My UV Patch’, Richmond’s Sausages & Chip Campaign and Creed’s motivating tube stunt.

L’Oréal ‘My UV Patch’

L’Oréal recently launched its ‘My UV Patch’ to get consumers thinking about the importance of sun protection and educate them on the risks UV can cause. This patch consisted of a small adhesive sticker, which can be placed on any area of the skin, and which changes colour from blue to white when it’s exposed to UV rays. Users can then analyse the patch on an accompanying app to identify how the skin has been affected. It’s hoped this will raise awareness surrounding skin cancer and will encourage more people to think carefully about sun protection, which will hopefully help save lives.


Richmond’s Sausages & Chip

In a new take on the traditional ‘sausage and chip’ combo, Richmond’s latest campaign saw it offer customers the chance to win one of 200,000 toy tracking chips, to track their child’s favourite toy in real time and ensure its never lost again. The micro-chips, found in special promotional packs, can be paired with the ‘Sausages & Chip’ app so that if the unthinkable happens, and this toy goes missing, the Richmond app is on hand to locate the toy and return it to the family home!

Creed Tube Stunt

Hollywood’s Warner Brothers turned to experiential to promote its latest film, the Rocky sequel Creed. In a bid to raise awareness around the impending launch, a brass band was commissioned to greet commuters at the Chancery Lane Underground station in London. However, this wasn’t for any old commuter, this was for those prepared to take a challenge. Commuters who chose the stairs over the escalator were greeted at the top in true Rocky style with the iconic theme tune and an enthusiastic welcome from ‘trainers’ dressed in work out gear!

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