05th Sep2016

Circle’s Round-up: August

Circle’s Round-up: August

A round-up of the months most inspiring experiential

As we head into September, we’re bringing you a round-up of last months most essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring marketing from all over the world. With so many great campaigns to pick from, we focus on our favourites:  Google Translate’s pop-up restaurant, the MTV VMA flying video screen, the world’s first Snapchat event and the #MissingType campaign.

The Google Translate’s Pop-Up Restaurant

Google Translate recently launched a pop-up restaurant in New York City, aptly named “Small World”. With 18 chefs from all over the world, the restaurant was open for five days and worked to bring together food cultures with its global menu, which called upon local delicacies from all corners of the world. So how did guests understand the menu? Google Translate of course! The Google Translate app was used by everyone within the restaurant to order and engage with other diners.


Google Translate Restaurant

MTV VMA’s Flying Video Screen

MTV is known for pushing creative boundaries and this year’s VMAs were no different! Working with Branding By Air, the pair created the largest ever aerial projection screen by using two helicopters, three 4K projectors and a 250ft (76m) wide banner. On the night, performances from Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj were broadcast on this giant banner and flown over New York City. One helicopter towed the enormous banner, while the other was loaded with three stacked projectors and was flown alongside. This impressive feat earned the pair a Guinness World Record for the ‘largest aerial projection screen in the history of advertising’.


The #MissingType Campaign

Last year, the #MissingType Campaign helped raise awareness of National Blood Week and the lack of blood donors, and the campaign returned again this year to build upon its success. This time however, it’s gone global! #MissingType was rolled out within 22 countries, bringing together 25 blood services, and covering one billion of the world’s population. Throughout the campaign, brands and organisations showed their support by removing As, Bs and Os from signs and locations around the globe, including Europe’s longest place name. Brands backing this campaign include Microsoft, Boots, Warburton’s and Royal Mail.


The World’s First Snapchat Event

Snaphappen is the world’s first Snapchat event and awards ceremony, due to be held on the 21st September. The event will bring together famous ‘Snapchatters’ from all over the world, and witness engaging speeches and discussions from influential speakers. A host of quirky events will also be taking place throughout the day, including a selfie party and the biggest mass Snapchat collage that the world has ever seen. Although not a traditional marketing stunt or experiential activation, this event shows the influence and momentum of social media, in particular Snapchat… and we can’t wait to see how it develops further! http://www.snaphappen.com/

Snapchat Event











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