23rd Jan2017

Our Top Experiential Picks from 2016

We look back on some of 2016's most inspiring campaigns

Our Top Experiential Picks from 2016

From a honey-producing billboard that housed 500,000 bees to snow art carved into a mountainside, 2016 saw creative boundaries pushed with some incredible campaigns. As we look to the New Year, we reminisce over the masses of inspiring experiential from 2016 with a few of our favourite campaigns…


The Cancer Research Life Garden

Cancer Research got firmly on the VR train with the creation of a virtual reality flower garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower 2016. Complete with a physical instillation at the show, visitors could enter the garden to experience an endless field of flowers when the headset was put up. Featuring over 100,000 flowers, all featuring the names of supporters who left a gift to the charity in their will, the garden offered friends and families the chance experience the legacy of their loved ones.

The Village Phone Promotion

How do you promote a tourist destination known for its peace and quiet? With a payphone! Tschlin, in the Graubünden region of Switzerland, was the location for a great experiential campaign which encouraged people from all over the world to call the village square telephone. Because the phone can be heard by all of the village’s 166 residents, the challenge was to make a call that wasn’t answered. If nobody picked up, callers won a range of prizes including a holiday to Graubünden. As more than 30,000 calls came in to the usually quiet village, the locals took it in turns to race to answer it. Callers could visit the dedicated microsite to see who they were speaking to, adding another connection between Tschlin and the outside world. In the six days the campaign ran – as well as tens of thousands of calls – there were 4,000 conversations, 500,000 website visits, 1.5million video views and 68 prizes won.

Dorset Cereals Cornbury Music Festival Campsite Takeover

Yes, we know we are biased, but we still love the feel good factor that came from this campaign! We worked with Dorset Cereals for our Cornbury Music Festival Campsite Takeover, which saw us inviting campers to dine for free in a branded tent, complete with long banqueting tables lined with a selection of Dorset Cereals, yoghurt, milk and juices. Festival-goers could also take part in a range of morning activities including yoga, kids morning wake up sessions and face painting, while an all-day games area and treasure hunts around the campsite added to the experience for families. Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below!

Honey Nut Cheerios Living Billboard

Honey Nut Cheerio’s set the bar high when it comes to living billboards, something which we expect to see much more of. They created a giant living hive of 500,000 bees, which doubled as a giant sign with the message ‘Made with Real Honey’, the breakfast cereal company caused a real stir. The letters were spelt out with honey made by the bees in the billboard and honey was also used in limited edition cereal boxes for the residents of St Cloud, Florida, where the campaign took place. A sweet way to get the message across.

Icelandair Stopover Buddy

With their island being a stopover point for millions of Transatlantic travellers each year, Icelandair took an innovative approach to show how friendly their staff are. The airline’s staff could, for no extra charge, be ‘stopover buddies’ to people who registered for the service. Customers could choose a series of guides and experience Iceland’s outdoor life, food and culture. The advert, showing Icelandair staff skiing, in underground caves and in thermal springs, gave passengers a real taste of the possibilities.

Game of Thrones’ French Alps Stunt

As the hype built ahead of the new series of huge TV show Game of Thrones, an eye-catching promotional stunt really took our breath away. Sky Atlantic recruited snow artist Simon Beck to carve out the ‘House of Stark’ family crest on the snow of the French Alps using his footprints. 64,000 steps and 13 hours later the distinctive Direwolf and the world-famous slogan ‘Winter is Coming’ was etched into the mountain side. Known in the show for their rule over the North, this stunning piece of snow art was a fitting tribute to the Stark dynasty.

General Electric’s Snowball Stunt

The phrase ‘A Snowball’s chance in Hell’ is commonly use to describe impossible odds, so General Electric decided to see if they could use their technology know-how to help a snowball survive temperatures of 2,000°c. Travelling to a metal works factory in Russia to carry out the eye-catching stunt, they constructed a special alloy case which was lowered into a tube of molten metal – the closest thing they could find to hell on earth. How did the snowball fare? Find out below.

Uber Comedy

In order to make boring cab rides a thing of the past, Uber decided laughter was the best medicine when it came to promoting its new UberPool car sharing service. Comedians such as Stephen Bailey, Lou Saunders and Trevor Lock rode around the capital in Uber cars and those who requested the service not only got a ride to their destination but a private comedy show as well. Promoted on social media with the hashtag #NoMoreAwkwardSilences, the campaign opened peoples’ eyes to the possibility of sharing their ride.

Pretty Shady’s Lucky Grab Bus Shelter

Preventing skin cancer is a serious business but Pretty Shady managed to put a smile on peoples’ faces with their unique bus shelter. Placed at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, the shelter not only offered shade but a free ‘lucky grab’ game where passers-by could pick up sun cream to slap on and keep the sun’s damaging UV rays at bay. Tapping into peoples’ memories of a seaside arcade favourite, the shelter also came with sun safety messages.

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