01st Feb2017

Our Record Breaking Vaillant Warmth Week

Experiential that's full of beans

Our Record Breaking Vaillant Warmth Week

Working with McCann Central we added some much-needed warmth – and a Guinness World Records™ breaking bean bag – to Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens to lift the UK’s winter blues.

Monday January 16th was this year’s ‘Blue Monday’, the mid-month post-Christmas day where the country is known to be at its lowest ebb. Gas boiler and renewable heating company Vaillant responded by launching its third annual ‘Warmth Week™’ campaign to help raise spirits.

Our method for lifting the January gloom involved the world’s largest bean bag, certified by the Guinness World Records™ and measuring an impressive 53.39m3, which sat in front of a screen showing uplifting films twice a day. Manchester residents quickly snapped up the 700+ tickets on offer for the free film showings.

We also extended the feel good factor to other locations, creating ‘Little Pods of Warmth’ which were placed in Manchester Piccadilly, Edinburgh Waverly and London Waterloo Stations.

Perfect for snuggling on a cold day, each pod came with a control pad meaning visitors could control the temperature and lighting to create their own warm, relaxing chill out haven, whilst listening to music or reading a magazine. Vaillant-branded promo staff were on hand to keep the good feelings coming by handing out free luxury warming gifts which could be taken home to extend the experience. Visitors could share their experience on social media using the hashtag #keepsmiling to win even more prizes.

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