07th Feb2017

Circle’s Round-up: January

A round-up of the month’s most inspiring experiential

Circle’s Round-up: January

As we jump feet-first into 2017, we’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring campaigns from all over the world. With so many to choose from, here we focus on our favourites: Tostitos Uber crisp packets, the Resident Evil horror house, The Swedish anti-smoking billboard, Maltesers’ Braille billboard and Oxfam’s VR fundraising.

Tostitos Uber Crisp Packet

In a stunt that literally took our breath away, American crisp brand, Tostitos, created a breathaliser-esque crisp packet in an attempt to take 25,000 drivers off the road during the Super Bowl. Using alcohol detecting sensors on the front of the packets, consumers were tasked with breathing on the bags and if any alcohol was detected, the front turned red with the caption “Do not drink and drive”, along with an Uber discount code.

Resident Evil Experience

To promote the launch of the new Resident Evil video game, an immersive ‘horror house’ was created to enable fans to experience the game first-hand. This was certainly not for the faint hearted and offered gamers an ‘escape room’ feel where they could explore the house and collect tools to enable their escape. Would you be brave enough?

Swedish Anti-Smoking Billboard

Apotek Hjartat, a Swedish pharmacy chain created a digital billboard which coughed at smokers. Complete with a sensitive smoke detector, the panel could detect smoke on passers-by which triggered a video of people coughing at them. The aim of this campaign was to encourage people to continue with their New Years resolutions to stop smoking.

Maltesers’ Braille Billboard

In celebration of World Braille Day, which took place on January 4th, Maltesers created a Braille billboard at Farringdon bus station in London. The stunt aimed to help the brand to better represent disability in advertising, and the billboard was accessible to everyone through a combination of an audio description and a translation on Maltesers Facebook page. The Braille read “Caught a fast bus once – turns out it was a fire engine”.

Oxfam’s VR Fundraising

This January saw Oxfam utilise the latest cutting-edge technology to help boost fundraising as it used Samsung VR headsets to show customers where donations are going. In order to highlight the important work that Oxfam does, the charity decided that a picture was worth a thousand words and used VR technology to allow customers to experience the devastation that the charity is trying to aid. Consumers were able to gain an on-the-ground view of areas including Bashir in Iraq. Through the activation, Oxfam hoped to showcase the importance of their work and subsequently increase donations. Check it out here.

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