14th Mar2017

Circle’s Round-Up: February

A round-up of the month’s most inspiring experiential

Circle’s Round-Up: February

We’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring marketing from all over the world. With so many great campaigns to choose from, here we focus on our favourites:  Snickers’ Valentine’s Day stunt, the T.R.I.P beer campaign, Marie Curie’s ‘Garden of Light’ and Napajiri experiential F/W Collection launch.

Snickers Valentine’s Day Stunt

This Valentine’s Day, Snickers helped forgetful partners by offering them free cards from one of their 16 billboards located across London. As part of the brands “you’re forgetful when you’re hungry” campaign, the billboards offered “forgetful” cards which people could peel off and give to their loved-ones. Nuts!

T.R.I.P Beer Campaign

American rock band, The Lights Out, collaborated with Boston brewer, Aeronaut Brewery, to create a multi-sensory album launch. The two paired up to design a new beer named “The Reckonings in Pandimensionality” or T.R.I.P for short. The band used the craft beer’s can to release their new album, and the beer inside was brewed to complement with their music.  Designed to offer a multi-sensory experience for the consumer, the album was also available exclusively to people who bought the beer, and the can came complete with instructions. Consumers were encouraged to tweet #TRIPME to @TheLightsOut and @AeronautBrewing to help spread the campaign on social media.

Marie Curie’s ‘Garden of Light’

Marie Curie designed a ‘Garden of Light’ to help promote and celebrate the Great Daffodil Appeal 2017. Complete with 2,100 handmade daffodils, which represent the number of nurses across the UK who provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness, the charity collected donations at the garden and handed out daffodil pins to those who donated. Located in London’s Paternoster Square, the garden featured a number of pathways which weaved in and out of the daffodils to create a reflective space where visitors can also listen to audio stories of people who Marie Curie has helped.  The daffodils will light-up each evening to represent the care the charity provides, and the light its services can bring to people in their darkest hours.

Napapijri F/W Collection Launch

Italian premium casual-wear brand, Napapijri, decided to take a different approach to its latest collection launch at this year’s Pitti Uomo. With many of the other brands launching collections at this event, Napapijri looked to break through the noise and turned to the city for inspiration. To launch their F/W Collection, the brand positioned five doors around the city which offered a different experience for participants to engage with the brand and discover a jacket from the new collection. Giant clues provided hints as to the location of the mysterious doors and those who engaged with the doors were invited to a secret ‘Woodkid’ concert in the middle of the city.


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