11th Apr2017

Circle’s Round-Up: March

A round-up of the month’s most inspiring experiential

Circle’s Round-Up: March

We’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring marketing from all over the world. With so many great campaigns to choose from, here we focus on our favourites: One Water’s ‘dirty’ packaging, Casper’s mattress hotline, Honey Nut Cheerio’s #BringBackTheBees and Oreo’s giant drone stunt.

One Water’s ‘Dirty’ Packaging

One Water is a British bottled water brand whose profits fund sustainable water projects all over the world. The brand’s latest stunt aimed to raise awareness of its causes and help raise money for its projects, which are targeted at some of the world’s most vulnerable people. It’s easy to take for granted our access to safe, clean drinking water, so One Water produced a sleeve which it placed over bottles to make the contents look dirty. Coinciding with World Water Day, the brand hoped by bringing the issue of unclean water straight to the consumer, it would help give a boost to its fundraising target of £20million by 2020.

Casper Mattress Hotline

Mattress giant, Casper, recently aired a string of late-night TV adverts with the aim of putting viewers to sleep. Between 2am and 5am, American TV channels witnessed unbranded 15 second clips, urging viewers to call a free hotline. On dialling the hotline, a variety of pre-recorded sounds were played, designed to take the caller to the land of nod. From wind chimes to lullabies this campaign was a great way for the brand to connect with its consumers and market its products.

Honey Nut Cheerios’ #BringBacktheBees

The latest campaign from Honey Nut Cheerio’s helped create buzz around the issue of our declining bee population. In order to highlight the plight of the bee’s, the brand removed its iconic ‘Buzz the Bee’ mascot from its cereal boxes in Canada and the US. Part of the campaign also saw Honey Nut Cheerio’s distribute 100 million packets of free wildflower seeds to the public to encourage them to get planting and creating ‘bee’ friendly gardens. Consumers were encouraged to share their green-fingered creations on social media using the hashtag #BringBacktheBees.

Oreo’s Giant Drones

The cookie brands latest stunt witnessed five giant Oreo drones flown over New York City to recreate the famous milk dunk. NYC residents were left staring at the sky in wonder as the drones dropped cookies into glasses of milk which were set up on a barge in the East River. This stunt was perfectly timed for National Oreo Day, and the brand’s 150th anniversary, and the drones were dropped from the same height as the Statue of Liberty, some 305 ft tall. Consumers were encouraged to get involved by sharing images and videos of their own Oreo dunk on social media, for the chance to win a trip to LA or NYC.

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