12th Jun2017

Circle’s Round-Up: May

A round-up of the month’s most inspiring experiential

Circle’s Round-Up: May

We’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring marketing from all over the world. With so many great campaigns to choose from we focus on our favourites: The Nikon Food Truck, Coke’s festival wristbands, Sweden on Airbnb and The Nutella Café.

The Nikon Food Truck

Nikon make more than cameras, you also have them to thank for the lenses in your glasses. Nikon wanted to raise awareness of this in France, so it launched the Nikon Food Truck, in which consumers were presented with a menu which doubled as an eye test. The least important burger ingredients were written in the biggest font, with the most important aspects such as the beef patty and cheese written in the smallest. Those who couldn’t read the menu were offered a vision test, and over the 10 live days, Nikon tested the eyes of over 5,000 people. Food for thought!

Coke’s Festival Wristbands

In an attempt to boost sales in Romania, Coke printed detachable labels to its bottles which doubled as festival wristbands to some of the country’s biggest events. Consumers could use an app to scan the promotional barcode on the label to identify whether their bottle featured a ‘winning’ wristband. With four in 10 Romanian teens having not drunk Coke in the past month, the brand has announced this campaign has helped them reach ¾ of that demographic and helped boost sales by 10% in Romania… impressive.

Sweden on Airbnb

Visit Sweden has turned to experiential for its latest campaign. In a bid to increase tourism, it has listed the entire country on Airbnb in the hope of appealing to younger travellers. Visit Sweden hopes to promote ‘Allemansrätten’, which is a Swedish law meaning that people have the freedom to camp and explore at their will. Some of the showcased destinations are “cozy glades” and “rugged cliffs” all of which offer explorers unlimited beds and natural snacks. We’re certainly sold…

The Nutella Café

Making dreams come true all over the world, Nutella has launched its first immersive Nutella café. Opened in Chicago, consumers will be privy to the full Nutella experience and the menu offers up a host of tasty chocolate treats for the whole family to enjoy. Check it out here.

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