04th Jul2017

Circle’s Round-Up: June

A round-up of the month's most inspiring experiential

Circle’s Round-Up: June

We’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s essential experiential as we explore the most inspiring marketing from all over the world. With so many great campaigns to choose from, here we focus on our favourites:  The McDonalds Drive-Thruck, IKEA’s flat pack recipes and Icelandair’s in-flight immersive theatre.

The McDonalds Drive-Thruck

McDonalds have upped their drive-through game in Brazil by creating a drive-thru truck that actually drives to you. The stunt was designed to remind customers about the ease with which you can access a McDonald’s restaurant wherever you are. Check it out below…

IKEA Flat Pack Recipes

We all know IKEA as the pioneers of flat-packed furniture, but now they are branching out into flat-packed cuisine. The company has created recipes printed on cooking parchment using edible ink. The page has a number of gaps where a specific ingredient are to be placed and once all gaps have been filled, the parchment is rolled up and placed in the oven – making it so much easier to create delicious homemade meals!

Icelandair’s In-Flight Immersive Theatre

Nordic airline, Icleandair, have been sending their cabin crew to theatre school in preparation for a performance at 39,000ft. Passengers travelling from London to New York, via Iceland, will experience an immersive theatrical performance in-flight. The performance has been broken up into three parts, one for each leg of the journey, and another during a stop-over in the Icelandair lounge at Keflavík airport. The show will tell the story of the airline’s beginnings through to the present day and even look on into the future.

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