22nd Jan2016

Spicing Up Experiential With Haywards

Circle spread passion for pickles

Spicing Up Experiential With Haywards

We helped Haywards Pickled Vegetables spice up its latest campaign, which saw it visit shopping centres throughout the UK to promote and demystify its tasty pickled vegetable range.

Following a rebrand, Haywards modernised in a bid to appeal to a younger audience, and we were called upon to activate its latest road show to help them do just this. We teamed up with the media agency UM London to bring to life Haywards product sampling and help it appeal to younger generations through creative experiential and fun interactive games!20151220_133658

Haywards is famed for its ‘Tang-O-Meter’, and it was this aspect of the brand we were most keen to incorporate into the stand. So, in order to do this we created a series of pickle inspired games, including the hugely popular ‘Pickle Roulette’.

20151220_133623 (1)

The ‘Tang Taste Test’ was also played on the stand and blind-folded participants were encouraged to blind taste test Haywards produce. If successful, participants were rewarded with a host of brilliant Haywards ‘merch’.


The main challenge of this activation was getting samples out to the public, so canapé style nibbles were created in which Haywards’ Pickled Vegetables were paired up with tasty products and handed out to passers-by.






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