24th Jan2019

Experiential- Why You Can’t Afford Not To

Find out how you can benefit from experiential

Experiential- Why You Can’t Afford Not To

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool to have in your media mix.

It’s been shown to return exponentially more than other channels when implemented and measured correctly. We know this better than anyone, and that’s why we work with a specifically designed framework which helps us shape our campaigns to allow for multiple levels of measurement. From affecting behavioural change to building brand affinity, we’re proud to have developed a number of measures to help our clients measure ROI.

So whether it be facilitating an 873% uplift in average daily social media interactions for H&M, ensuring 61% of participants purchased multiple packs within six weeks for Dorset Cereals, enabling eight million virtual tour visits for PlayStation, ensuring over 70,000 products were sampled in just 10 days for MaxiNutrition or hosting 47,214 one-to-one demos for Relish, we’ve got experiential measurement covered.

As a founding member of the IPM’s Experiential Council we’ve helped shape its new Experiential Measurement Framework – which will provide a standardised set of guidelines and an industry database, to create benchmark comparisons of experiential campaigns by sector, type, and scale.

Experiential is changing the way people interact with products and brands, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this. Experiences start stories, stories start conversations, and conversations drive word of mouth. It’s about creating moments that resonate with both the participant and the millions of people the experience can reach via social media, content sharing, influencer engagement and media placements.

So with all this in mind, can you afford not to be putting experiential into your marketing plan?

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